Multipanel is a metal panel, usually aluminum, that contains a number of laminations that vary in size.

Proposed for use in both laboratory and in-line coating tests, the Multipanel offers several benefits in use:

  • Thanks to the 4 practical holes located on the external frame near the corners, it is possible to hang the panel in a chain in order to optimize the painting process without the use of special frames.
  • If the coating is being carried out in a booth that is much larger than the multipanel, it is possible to insert 2 hooks into the holes on the underside of the multipanel in order to hang up another one, thus multiplying the number of coatable hooks by the number of multipanels required.
  • The laminations are bound together by means of special micro-joints that allow the individual laminations to be detached by hand and without effort. The micro-joints give an excellent cutting quality on the perimeter of the panel, reducing the mark of the witness to a minimum.


Aluminium LEGA 1050 H24
Aluminium LEGA 5005 H24
On request we produce Multipanel in aluminum of different alloys and thicknesses


Multipanel Overall Measurement N. Pieces Single panel size
236X357 10 6X 060X100
216X316 09 6X055X090


Rounded corners – 6 mm diameter hole in the center of the short side of each sheet – degreased and cleaned.
The number of laminations in the panel varies depending on their size.
We can provide different characteristics according to specific needs.


Discs with a diameter of 6mm FOR COLOUR SAMPLES with hole.
The technical characteristics of the alloys are in the reference table for aluminum.